Ordinals NFT btc

What is a NFT ordinals?

Using blockchain technology, NFTs Non-Fungible Tokens are digital files that are unchangeable and unique. An NFT is essentially a digital certificate that confirms ownership of a certain digital asset, like a painting, video, or music piece.
As opposed to other digital assets, which can easily be duplicated and shared, an NFT cannot be easily copied, because it is registered on the blockchain, known for its decentralized, unalterable nature. This means that the owner of an NFT can prove that he owns the original and therefore the ownership rights to the digital asset.
Recently, NFTs have gained popularity in the arts and culture sector and are often sold at high prices.
For example, this NFT is to be sold for 100 Bitcoin
In some cases, NFTs have become highly sought-after collector’s items, bought and sold by enthusiasts at auctions.
It becomes an investment

The Ordninals NFT Bitcoin Blockcain alternative

Ordinal is a NFT on Bitcoin BTC Blockchain